About Us

Welcome to Imprex
Home Tutorials with a difference. Our faculty understands the student’s potential and apply the stategy accordingly.
Imprex Originate Out Of A Need To Get Concise, Practical, And Easily Implementable Stratagies To Help The Students according to their requirements.

Our Learning Modules Explain The Following Topic Areas According to The Needs;

1; Understanding Each Child.

2; daily Routine.

3; Self Help.

4; Social Skills.

5; Functional Communication

Module Contents Are Provided By The Tutors Pertaining To Their Areas.

Our Prime Objectives Are;

1; To Deliver comprehensive Simple And Easy To Learn Modules.

2 Regular interection With The Parents To Implement The Strategies To Help The Child.

  • IMPREX conducts one to one tutorial sessions for elementary age pupils in all subjects.

  • Keep the tracking system for student’s tasks and homework.

  • Weekly tests and discussions.

  • We track up the pupil’s progress in school to ensure that they meet company benchmarks.

  • Follow up the the parents with one to one sessions.

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